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Saturday 19 March 2016

Storm at Jeremys The Boat House in Brighouse

Sometimes in  life people come into your life that you just click with and you could chat ages about absolutely anything.

A few months ago after we had a few issues with our super fast Bt Infinity 2 broadband we called the arrange an engineer to come and take a look, the engineer that visited us was this chap turning up that looked like a rock star ( I told him )

Ater we discussed the fault and Neil ( the rock star ) gave our broadband a totally overhaul, replacing all sorts of stuff ( i think he liked us ) to which we haven't had any probs to date #touchwood we chatted about his rock star appearance and he mentioned he was in a band called Storm

He said they were super busy but they were playing in his home town of Brighouse at Jeremys at The Boat House on 18th March 2016, we immediately said we would defo attend and book a table at the event #wedontgetoutmuch so we could enjoy the show plus make a night of it as we didn't have anything planned, I also asked if it would be ok to bring the fab Nikon D750 along and get a few shots of them playing etc. Neil said yeah that would be great #result

So the day came and we were really looking forward to seeing the band as we had actually heard a lot about them from friends that had seen them

OMG what a set, they played such a diverse set of songs from Bryan Adams to Prince and assorts in-between. We had an absolutely fab time and thanks to Neil for being the most friendliest drummer and Bt Engineer we have ever come across!!!

Now at this point you are saying where are the pictures from the awesome Nikon D750 aren't you?

Well here you go, just a few selected images from what was a fab night all round

We would defo recommend these guys to any of our couples looking for a fab band at their wedding, you need to contact them asap though as they get booked up


K x

Fav image guys of the band Storm totally rocking Jeremys at The Boat House

One item been brought in

Setting the stage

Soundcheck 1 2 1 2

Love this laser light guys #wherecanigetone

Storm groupie?

Catching some air!

The legendary drummer Neil

The crowd absolutely LOVED them

We met Sally who we have used for modelling work for shoots with Alison Jane Bridal

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