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Sunday 20 September 2015

Wentbridge House Wedding Photography - Rebecca & James

What an awesome day yesterday with Rebecca & James at the fab Wentbridge House, the weather was absolutely PERFICK!!!!

We started off at Wentbridge with all the girlie getting ready shots and it was also nice to see Nicky from Bling Bridal sorting all the girls out ( see you at the showcase hun )

I had also arranged to get a seat on the fancy coach to Leeds Cathedral with everybody as I didn't really fancy trying to get a spot to park the car on Saturday afternoon in Leeds centre!  

We did say what happens on the coach stays on the coach so lets leave it there :-/

We arrived in good time and that enabled me to capture some shots of people interacting around the church plus time for some fun stuff.

Inside Leeds cathedral has to be one of the grandest churches ever in the Yorkshire area.

After the ceremony it was time to head back to the fab Wentbridge House ( we love this place for awesome fun weddings and we are looking forward to the upcoming showcase )

The sun was shining and the temperature was spot on, after arranging some what I suppose you would call ' normal ' family shots it was defo time for some fun with everybody ( we love this bit )

Lots of laughs and a errrr bit of craziness with everybody outside. Thanks to everybody that got involved and also thanks to everybody that came up to us with kind words about how we had made the day so much fun :-)

Rocking well into the night on the dance floor as per usual here are just a teeny tiny selection from yesterday wedding fun

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