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Friday 3 July 2015

Mirfield Engagement Photography - Jennifer & Kev

Today we had the absolute pleasure to hook up with the fun loving couple Jennifer & Kev this eve at Dewsbury District Golf Club in our home town of Mirfield

We initially skyped Jennifer & Kev way back in March 2014 when they booked us for their wedding celebrations at the same church where Jennifer's parents got married, how sweet is that?

These guys live way down in Lincoln and venture up North to see the parents so we took the opportunity when they next visited to arrange a Pre Shoot:-)

I think Jennifer was more nervous than Kev ( great name ), normally we find the guy is a little more uneasy but as we always have fun and we defo shout the fact we do 
Creative - FUN - Upbeat Wedding Photography ( it made me laugh when Jennifer mentioned our tagline, I think she must be a secret BLOG stalker, we really don't mind as we love our BLOG )

The order of today was a nice relaxed wander around whilst we cracked a few jokes and Jennifer even said she felt a lot better after our session ( good stuff )

Mirfield Golf Club also has very special memories for me as it is where my Dad used to play Golf and we have a bench on hole 3 with his name on #memories

Was nice to see some of his friends tonight as well as we know a few of the guys in the pro shop :-)

Here are a few images from todays Pre Wedding Shoot with the crazy couple Jennifer & Kev

Looking forward to some crazy wedding freestylin guys!!!

K x

Kev was thinking of tonights pizza and getting pampered by the inlaws!


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