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Sunday 30 March 2014

Ringwood Hall Chesterfield Yorkshire

Quick trip earlier down to Ringwood Hall in Chesterfield to hook up with Laura & Stuart to chat about their upcoming wedding plans there!

It's always nice to check out new places that we haven't shot weddings at yet but always look forward to shooting weddings at places we are known at plus new locations to us especially around our home of Yorkshire

You know me, I had to take at least one camera along and was defo excited to get some quick shots of the place for all you BLOG lovers out there!

When you meet with a potential couple you always know if you ' click ' with them and we defo seemed to click as we spent some time chatting about one of our fav tv programmes ' goggle box '

Here are just a few images that we got earlier at Ringwood Hall

Check out their web site HERE


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