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Saturday 12 March 2011

Album Review

Here is a recent comment on Facebook....Just love what we do here at Image-I-Nation Photography when you get comments like that it makes it all worthwhile.

And we just LOVE shooting weddings !!! :-)

Kev I love it, its awesome. Really shows the day perfectly. Is there still time to make changes? It's just after you put the day time one of us under the arch on facebook I really want that one now too. If not dont worry about it, just my indecisiveness. Also, pages 22 & 23 could you switch the big picture with the smaller one of us signing the register or with the certificate? Can't decide what's best.

Still need to show ant it, he's been away gigging all weekend. I'm sure he'll live it too though. Can wait to have it in my hands & show it off to everyone.

Just want to say thanks so much, still need to write a review on your site. You've been amazing throughout the whole thing.


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